Friday, December 22, 2017

Top Moodle Theme of 2017

In case you missed it, MoodleNews Year In Review: The Top Ten Themes Of 2017, the Fordson Theme was ranked as the #1 Moodle theme of 2017.  Fordson, created by our very own Chris Kenniburg form Dearborn Public Schools, gives Moodle a modern look and feel that is easy for users to navigate.  

Fordson is sleek and efficient and provides a simple, clean interface. Some of my favorite features included the following:
  • Course Management Panel is a well organized display of those links previously housed in the Course Administration block. Removing blocks helps reduce clutter and modernizes the overall experience.
  • Student Dashboard which provides students with quick access to course information including: course description, teacher contact information, current grade, the course completion status, and activity links.
  • The Custom Course Category Display allows users to change the way courses are displayed within course categories. Users can customize their Moodle site by choosing from four distinct layouts.

Screenshot of the homepage showcasing the Fordson theme
Fordson’s modern look coupled with its increased functionality make it an ideal choice for any Moodle instance. For these reasons, Wayne RESA encourages the use of the the Fordson theme.  We appreciate the efforts of Dearborn Public Schools and Chris Kenniberg for their creativity and ongoing support of all things Moodle.  

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