Tuesday, January 30, 2018

One Educator Making A Difference

Never doubt the power of one individual to make a difference. No matter one’s role, a single person can have a great impact. Nowhere is this impact needed more than in education. Educators all over our country strive to make a difference, one such educator is Ms. Carol Isakson.

In addition to serving as the Communications Director for SIG Online and Blended Learning, Carol Isakson is a technology aide and Moodle expert for Plymouth Canton Community Schools. She works with teachers interested in setting up online learning opportunities for their students.

If a teacher is interested in using Moodle to support their teaching, they are able to enroll in her MyClasses Moodle Workshop course. This course was designed to provide teachers with basic Moodle skills, give them answers to frequently asked questions, and get them started.

If they want to know more about blending, the teachers are directed to the districts team of Tech Integrationists, but for learning how to navigate the LMS, Carol is a great resource.

Carol recommends that any teacher interested in pursuing blended learning opportunities joins MACUL's SIG for Online and Blended Learning (SIG OBL). SIG OBL provides excellent resources and information for educators at all stages of blending and/or offering online courses. Attending MACUL and EdCamp conferences are also great ideas for building one’s capacity.


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