Friday, October 27, 2017

H5P - Collage

Utilizing the H5P Interactive Content allows teachers to customize the appearance and layout of their posts/assignments. This type of customization is both visually appealing and functional.  This post will focus on the Collage feature, but we will delve into the other interactive components in the future.

Within your Moodle course, add a new activity.
Screenshot showing the user where to click
Next, select the H5P Interactive Content choice and select Add.
Screenshot showing the user where to click

At this point, you could select any of the amazing options included within H5P, but for now, we will focus on the Collage.

Click the Use button in order to specify exactly how you would like the Collage to appear within your Moodle course. You will be able to move the images around by dragging them. You can also select an image and then use the + or - keys on your keyboard to zoom or simply hold down the Z key while moving your mouse wheel. In other words, users have a great deal of control over the way in which images are displayed.  
Shows the user where the "Collage" option will appear.

Once you are satisfied with the settings, click Save and Display in order to view the Collage within your Moodle course.

Shows the user what the screen will look like (options available) when the collage functionality is chosen.

I like to select Save and Display because it instantly allows me to view activity and ensure that it appears exactly as I intended.
Shows the user how an empty collage will appear on their course page.

Once I turn editing off, I am able to see what the newly added activity truly looks like within my Moodle course. As you can see, it appears like a traditional assignment or post.
Shows an image of what the added content will look like on a course page (where the user will need to click in order to access the collage)
Clicking on this activity will bring up the collage created by the teacher. What the students do with the collage is completely up to you.  While the example shown asks students to consider why these images represent a specific concept, a teacher might simply use the functionality of the collage to share photographs of students engaged in a learning activity.

Screenshot showing a completed collage with images from the rain forest that represent the common theme of conservation.

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